INVISIBLE TO THE NAKED EYE              


When you magnify micro-crystals of chemical compounds and see them under crossed polarised light, it is fascinating because the result is rather like seeing the beautiful colours streaming through a stained glass window. Some of the crystals are medicinal.

By placing a small quantity of the crystalline powder on a microscope slide and adding a solvent, the compound recrystallises enabling me to research the slide for aesthetic patterns - "trees", "flowers", "foliage", "rivers", "mountains", or microscapes. I sometimes use a spirit burner which melts the crystals. The mixture becomes liquid and then reforms.

I record the images by scale drawings, and by coupling a SLR camera to a microscope and photographing the images. These are my reference material. They show the holism of nature like two sides of the same coin, and reveal the patterns of chaos. 

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